It’s a man’s world

It’s a man’s world

Seems to be something most comfortably thrown about. Men are still the majority at the heads of business, in most governments, everywhere I look it seems a world dominated, taken over almost, by men.

So what, who cares, that ain’t no big deal, right?

In Nature, balance is exactly that, Balance. Nothing dominates anything else, at least not for any period of time. Nature couldn’t be Nature without it.

Night blends into day, grasses grow explosively, and things that eat grass flourish. Those things that eat them enjoy a bonanza. And then the grass declines and so everything else follows in balance with the rest.

No species can survive, at least for long, with imbalance between the sexes. Even if numbers explode for breeding purposes only then to decline again.
And yet here we are in a man’s world. A man’s world without balance between the sexes anywhere I can see in how we run this place called home.

The wīfman is not in or at balance in a world taken over by the wǣpmann.

In the wǣpmann we see bravery, striving, courage, competition, pride, insecurity, leadership, daring, fighting for power, aggression, anger and more.

From the wīfman, Love, Caring, Leadership, inner strength, forgiveness, softness, confidence, honest, patience, security, selfishness, support.

Because you see, these two are supposed to be in balance together. Much of the tragedy, harm, hate and damage that seems to be exploding on this planet, could be laid at the feet of this inequality.

Not an issue you say, it’s the way it is supposed to be, ‘‘the Man’s World” is natural! Rubbish. For this imbalance can be found nowhere, not a single place in nature.

In Iceland, 1975, the wīfman went on strike. The strike, to change the imbalance of the ‘‘Man’s World.” Got it right yet? a work still in progress it seems. But more towards the balance they go.

Perhaps a shining beacon they already become.

And they continue to build upon it.

Perhaps for a while to level the imbalance of The Man’s World for so long, we need to swing towards an imbalance favouring the wīfman.

Ultimately, as laid down by nature, for the world around us to settle and rest, balance must happen between the sexes.

The wǣpmann to put down the Ego and his ‘‘driven” ways, to allow space for the Love, Patience and Caring of the wīfman to arrive.

Balance does not mean domination, it means balance.

A Natural Law of balance broken by ‘‘The Mans World” for too long.



Why the use of the old words? Because I see no balance between sexes in the new versions

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