The Balance – do you see it?

The Balance – do you see it?

Yes of course a couple kissing leaps out the shot, but what captured, appeared to me so much more.

Take a minute, without reading further, what do you see? [don’t cheat 😉 ]

I saw balance, nature, this place all of it in harmony. Complete not missing a thing. I saw the perfection in the creation of this place we call home.

Let me take you on a journey.

As sun declines, daylight ebbing to allow the time of nights arrival. Daylight in perfect balance, universal balance, heralding in nights awesome beauty. With the night light taking hold, the creation the ebb and flow between light and darkness across the entire Universe. Perfection and balance, as laid out millennium ago.

I saw our planet perfect in its place in the Universe. Balance between the solid mass of the Earth and emptiness of its home in the vacuum of space.

Our place in the Universe set, holding us perfectly where we are all supposed to be.

Then the couple, of course the balance between Male and Female perfectly contrasted however in bigger picture revealed, against the larger Universe. The Male and Female elements across the skies to be marvelled by all. The Kiss, the decision to give and receive in the moment, perfect, in balance.

For me this photo captured almost the entire story of creation, this entire place we call home. Perhaps Life starting from the foregrounds view. Set in, can never be separated from, that of the rest of the photo, connected across the entire Universe we are.

Perfect in the instance of photo taken, perhaps more perfect maybe in the balance of the entire story of our home, Earth Universe and all.

Hope you enjoy it and the story around it that was revealed to me.

I find it difficult not to get lost in this photo each time I glance its way.


The photo was taken by Paul May. His work can be found and purchased here: Thanks Paul for the permission to use the photo.



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