Who is the greater man?

Who is the greater man?

The one with the biggest gun, can do more destruction than that on the right? Perhaps the biggest bank balance? The one that plans to deceive and cheat his neighbour? Those that do whatever they can to stand on the throats of neighbours, perhaps only for the sake of profit?


The one that stands for what he believes in, even to point of death? Lives with open palms to the world, is willing and ready to help out one or many in need? Ready to look himself coldly, with deep honesty in the eye, and admit to himself he doesn’t have all the answers, but is ready to learn something new each day?

When all said and done, when all murder, war, cheating, stealing, raping, making profit at the expense of others, when all of it sifted and made pure to the core, the answer to this riddle rests with you.

It is your choices and right to use your free will as fit, you see.

Make your choice wisely, I commend to you.


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