Life, our exclusive hold

Life, our exclusive hold

I view nature, watch it ebb and flow.

Clouds drift then gone in an instant never to be the same again. A plant grows and leaves fall to the ground, each winter. Only in the end to return from where it came.

The might oaks, taking hold, steadfast in the ground. Massive canopies bringing life of their own. Life expediencies far beyond that of ourselves, and yet still nature ebbs and flows. The mightiest mountain eventually succumbs, for water, wind and Sun eventually, the fate the same. The blade of grass no different.

Yet, with our pride held so high, our consciousness at the fore, many try to push against, the nature, the real laws of this place.

For no one gets out alive.

Denial of the truth perhaps, at best, only. For one day, our journey, the outcome the same.

If we put down the war, pushing back against Life and “the Nature of Things”, so much richer Life becomes. For to fight the nature of things it would be like catching the wind in your hand.

So why then such a fight?


We are taught early to fear all manners. To run, build walls, to hem ourselves in.

No choice then to relax, no hint of calm, just a race and effort to exhaustion spent to deny, the mightiest Laws of all, Nature.

If however acceptance you are able to be in, then a whole new relaxed world the view.

For natural is the ebb and flow of Life. The coming, the being and the going. No one able to depart from the rules of Nature.

Nor avoid the departure itself of one from this place.

So what point the energy consumed in the denial?

Relax, enjoy the Life rather than fight against the flow that is Nature itself.


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