I need to come home, settle again on the path, been away distracted for a period

I need to come home, settle again on the path, been away distracted for a period

For in nature are all the answers that have ever been needed.

In the deep breath taken just because, and oh the freshness remembered as a gift.

Is the smell of soft rain after a hot day. The dust gently settled down, the drops cool on the face, and oh the fragrance will remain always. The Life springing forth, the result.

The birds playing light on the wing. For the sheer joy of the feeling, soaring drifting on thermals, alive on the wing.

The cool night stars bright. The healing, peaceful, being caressed by this home in which we live. Lifting to be home, settled.

Watching my home naturally going through the change of seasons. The cold winter’s day giving way to the spring of Life.

The warmth of the summer’s day. Balanced, perfect naturally so, with me in it able to play and observe all that is this place called home.

The brook, playing its tune as it bounces down its path. Taking up the oxygen and bringing forth the life, everywhere it touches.

The unexplainable being naturally where it belongs, in balance with all around it.

The Divine, being just so, when brave enough to seek.

Why then all the clutter, the distraction, the “this way and that”, the stress, the pain, the toxic, the pollution? For it isn’t supposed to be that way.

Take the time to find yourself on this path called Life. The time short, the distractions plenty.

Narrow is this path, but my home it is.


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