One day can we arrive?

One day can we arrive?

One day will we stop destroying this place we call home? Tearing it apart, raping all the beauty, sometimes perhaps forever.

Pumping it full of toxic waste, polluting it because it’s easy and profitable to do so. Ripping out all it has due to the madness of a consumption based “economy” (which it just isn’t). For there is nothing economic in rape.

One day will we put down the need to murder and be at war with each other, or even the need to be in disagreement? We will put down the need to be right, causing anger and division each time we walk that path? Why is it that you must be right, robbing yourself of the experience to learn and relearn?

Doing bad things to each other leads exactly nowhere, regardless of your heart felt justification, just nowhere. Living a rich wholesome life has nothing, not one thing, to do with material goods, or any fear you have about losing control one day.

One day I pray, with every fibre and resonance of my being that we arrive.

One day.

For the sake of those coming, one day I hope we can.


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