The river of life

The river of life


I start this as a continuing story, not sure of the number of parts, and the detail required to explore the conversation to completion.

Sadly I acknowledge that most folk in systems such as this one don’t stay in one place for long and therefore longer articles often aren’t read. But I write anyway because that is my choice. I write also to help folk understand that for them to get quality results, quality time must be invested.

If one person is able to stand away from their life and understand it more, explore a new, then all is gained, all is worthwhile.

1. The River of Life

One main stream the torrent that takes us on this trip called Life, physical, unseen and forever. We are created to interact at all layers of this flow, when time finds us ready.

Some layers flow with different densities, others at different speeds. Designed from the very start to spin, turn, twist and interact with each other. Just as eddy currents do in our rivers, here on Earth, or the Jet Stream does in our atmosphere. Whilst some flows are not able to be felt, seen or understood with the “normal senses” of this Life.

Yet this flow without end or start continues, eventuating with a return to the Divine in some dimensions. Whilst others turn to loop again, without end or start.

All are at different levels of vibration and transverse not only this corner of the Universe, but continue to places not known.

Divine, perhaps the closest in English.

Love in all levels is the glue that holds everything tight. Binding the complex magic together with strength rock solid. Just magically Divine.

Enter into these flows we do each time born, strikes a new flame of existence. Freely, without Law or Limitation we can interact with a wide array of the flows that constantly abound, as we travel in this Life.

Naturally gifted we all are to raise vibrational energy to work with conscious levels on higher and higher plans. We have all the necessary functions built right in. No one can remove or take away from these gifts given at commencement.

Free will the driver with which all things can be changed. Yet the challenges of Ego, Greed and more often blind, destroy and hold back. There is no separation between you and the Divine Flow.
There is just choice and learning experience. For in these flows, somewhere you have been born.

2. This go around, in the beginning ……… (To be continued)

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