What a machine we are

What a machine we are

Build in exquisite beauty.

Every fibre just so, the structure of the bones unmatched. Made perfect we each are and always so incredibly different and unique.

Free to do what it likes at any time.

Possibility of application endless.

Art, Music, Climbing, Diving, Flying, Creation, Love, Passion, Comfort, Joy, Humility, Compassion..

Just perfect from every angle inspected.

So incredibly perfect and free in fact that it can contrive and build all manners.

React positively to circumstance and in the negative.

So free and perfect that we can decide to hurt and verbally lash out. Decide to strike, kill and murder. Find fault in others everywhere we look. Create a world where great divides exist between the haves and have nots. Where we pollute our home, ripping apart all that nature has created. Where even just to get noticed, the smallest of things need to be sensationalised, just to grab our attention for the briefest of moments.

The machine so perfect, a faultless gem would pale in comparison.

How then did we come to this place?

Actually the answer is within you and I.

It is the freewill choices we make to stand up or not, for things that matter or should. Our decision to react with Love and Compassion, when all needed is just a hand, just in that moment.

You make the choices, which create this place we call home. You need not Law, Not Politics, not even the approval of those around to take the decisions you do.

Will this perfect machine you have, build or destroy?

Your free will must be applied wisely.

So perfect a creation we are, each and every one of us all.


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