Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

When considered from a distance, a lot of our world makes no sense. In fact some aspects are frankly total insanity hidden in plain sight.

Democracy. Our vain attempt where people are supposed to have a voice. Utter nonsense. Reveal where Party policy is set, show the strings that get pulled behind closed doors, hide nothing from the people of a nation. Then we may have something that might be closer to “Democracy”.

It’s game that’s all. Watching puppets dancing on a stage.
Economic or Economies. There is nothing “Economic” about any aspect of where most live. Global Trade is not “Economic”.

Economists just aren’t.

Produce as much as possible locally, sourcing only those aspects not present or are unable to be produced locally in the local country, and then we move closer to be “Economic”.

This planet has finite resource yet we continue to live in complete and totally denial of this Law of Nature.

War crimes. a headline that somehow hides the truth about war.

All war is murder. Murder for greed, Murder for control of resource, murder for gain over another. But at end of all, War is murder by another name. Yet inside this seemingly politically correct term for murder, we have this special class called “War crime”.

Seems we don’t like more violent means of murder to taint our palatable definition of murder, called War. War is murder, War crimes, no different.

War is a “For Profit” enterprise. Even the people involved from America are assets of war. The term “GI”, is short for

“Government Issue”.

For Profit. In our profit driven systems we seem to expect business to have our interest at heart. To be clear, all business exists to make money and profit. In pursuit of the only thing that will keep it open, it will do whatever it can to minimise its costs and maximise profit.

There is no “your benefit” in this model.

Drug Companies, Banks, Water Companies, Airlines, Hospitals (for the most part), Medical industry at large, Transport, Food Production, Power Companies, Industry and the War producers, Clothing Companies, all of them without exception are there to make profit.

Benefit for you, benefit for your society, benefit the planet have very little to do with profit, for the most part. Don’t be surprised if a business is discovered doing something that might endanger the lives of its customers, for it is first and foremost a profit driven entity.

If your food proves toxic, your water poisoned, chemicals added that cause disease and death into the air. Don’t be surprised or shocked by any of it.

For the business is there for profit, not for the benefit of you.

Education. Send your kids to be Educated, for it is important, right? In our profit centric world, they get educated to perform somewhere in the machine of “Making a Living”. Not more not less.

Without the new generation blindly entering “The System” each time, then the system itself would collapse.

What if we taught imagination? Honest open communication without “a winner” as the outcome, instead learning. How to live openly as a society where we truly looked after each other. How to explore being a dreamer. How to really look after this planet called Earth, our home. To teach the unlimited possibilities we all have from birth.

What if we taught ourselves how to care for one another, rather than to be in fear of ourselves? How to look after our only home, planet Earth?

Education it is not, programming maybe at best. “Conforming” and being “Normal” ingrained, more The Core.

What is “Legal” and “Illegal”, really? We are taught that drugs are illegal because they are bad for us or support some dark regime somewhere. Yet we accept the public sale and distribution of Cigarettes (perhaps THE most addictive drug around – Nicotine), for profit on profits. We accept all the poisons added to our food, which kill and destroy. We accept alcohol as normal, because it can be taxed, forgetting the great harm it can leave behind.

If I speed is this really a crime? Can someone show me an “offended party” from this action?

Why can’t we drop all this madness and just start to live in support of each other, rather than being in Fear of community?

Social Media, well guess what it just plain isn’t. “The News” (whatever that is), the same.

Taxes. Paying tax is not necessary. There are plenty of countries right now that have all the infrastructure needed where there is no tax applied on the people.

This list could be expanded greatly.

Please step back from your life, try with everything you are to lift yourself up, out of this madness.

The Veil whilst actually thin is extremely well constructed and strong to keep you distracted from the madness that is.


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