The Ledger of your life

The Ledger of your life

Will they look back upon this period and be proud of what they see? Or like us will they look back at us and see all that went wrong, from the previous generations?

Perhaps worse, be able to trace all the mess that is theirs, back to our time in the right now of now.

Will they be able to see that from the current period of time (Ours, the one you and I live in today, now) is where the change started?


On the negative

Where millions were allowed to starve to death each year, because it wasn’t profitable to feed and take care.

Where political leaders were allowed to lie and cheat to all, just for personal short term gain.

Where life and time was wasted, distracted by this and that.

Might the finger be pointed to the period that killed and made extinct the most animals and species of all time. In the same period that deforestation destroyed forever, vast areas of land.

Where the news of the day kept everyone distracted, whilst in the shadows what was real never made the press?

Where we were taught to be in fear of each other. Where the takeover of society happened under the excuse of keeping us safe.

Where we kept using and actually increased the consumption of fossil fuels, poisoning all around us.

Where money drove endless consumption, tearing through the planets’ finite resources without consideration for anyone or anything. Where the media, the system, was allowed to install the nonsense thinking.

Where we allowed those that govern to go to war over resource and religious difference. Murdering not only the millions, just trying to live, but also made toxic for years to come, thousands of miles of the surface of our home.


Yet positive the possibilities also abound. Where all that is now good in 2500 begun.

Where food, shelter, clean water and education was delivered to those in need.

Where the political system was changed, refocused instead on outcome not greed.

Where nature, the trees, the forests, and everything that lived in our home was nurtured and cared for.

Where the media in all its forms was simply turned off.

Where celebration of the differences in all of us begun, fear put aside.

Where we began, really started from scratch, to live inside our means not consuming in a flash.

Where peace was taught, replacing the fear of old. To a place in 2500 where war became old.


If then from the Future came the question to you right now. Levied right into your eyes, from your family yet to be born, would you be forced to declare, “This is where I came from.”

This is the investment I made, when looked right in the eye, to make your home out there, better than mine.

For there can be no middle of the road, from your family of the future, when your kids get old.

Answers will be required from the future to you now in the past, how did you live with this burden, upon which side of the ledger were you?

Where in this burden if laid directly at your feet, from which side of the ledger would your answer come?

Your choices today matter, all of them. Not only for self, but all those around you and those coming beyond sight.

Your free will to decide whether or not your chin can be held high. It is yours to decide today right now, in the next thing you do.

The power in this thing called Life, all of it, is for you to decide.

For it is not a matter of them, they, that lot, their fault, it is a matter of you.


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