You are special

You are special

As time passes caressing your life as a master painter brush strokes complete the canvas, don’t forget along the way that you are special.

Not special when compared with all those around, for EGO is not the intent. We all have doubts, fears, joy, hopefully love and along the way may have helped some in turn, maybe have let others down.

But special if time taken to understand that you are the canvas upon which life gets painted. The fabric of the canvas is Love.

For it is Love into which Life was placed as a gift for your journey.

Nothing can change the beauty of that gift, or you inside it, nor the Love required to provide substance for the undertaking of the journey. As Life continues and changes around, you don’t forget that the brush strokes are just forming a portrait of your Life. Strokes for you to learn from and cherish, that’s all.

Learn, please do, to take the time to watch your life passing by and understand in this process that you are special. For the beauty of the brush stroke gets painted onto the canvas. Special indeed to be here learning the lessons as agreed.

You are special.


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