Of the right then

Of the right then

So out of balance most are, with few, very few unbalanced with bias to The Right.

How does this journey start?

Before all, it must be remembered how long the time was invested in The Left.

School and Learning for most of our early years. Much work was invested to develop the things of The Left. Perhaps the first 20 years committed to this learning. Frankly also it doesn’t stop.
Throughout adult Life, experiences of The Left, presented all day each day.

The Right is no different.

Work, effort, time and focus must be applied to develop, perhaps the most important part of this Gift called Life. For most there is no “miracle path”. As was the path of The Left with its time, hard work and focus, so is the development of The Right.

Headlines “Be the Change” (and many more) thrown about with gay abandon. Seems that most don’t understand the work required to really “Change”. For a while in The Left you might Change, but fall back so easy, because The Right remains totally forgotten. As is the same between Male and Female in the Balance of Yin and Yang in societies across the world.

Evidence of work in The Right, being “The Way” is pointed to in so many places. Even the Bible has Christ on the right side of the Father. Your Christ side, your connection to the Divine on the right. The Vineyard to be protected, also on The Right.


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