White diamonds

White diamonds

Those that sparkle almost too bright to look into. In fact they give off / let out light these ones, for so pure, clean and oh the sheen on each is incredible. Almost beyond belief, hard to look away, so deep the light.

Each has a hue of Golden energy around that protects the inner sparkle of white, and yet in its own right is of itself almost too bright to cast the glaze upon.

This is oh so powerful and perfectly in balance, surrounding the diamond. Golden and yet in some way containing all the colours of the rainbow. Gently changing and moving in front of your eyes, almost as the mist in the trees.

The two in perfect harmony.

And you just know, that is exactly how the two are supposed to be. You just know in your soul. For this picture is the purest divine. Suspended in perfect balance, gliding above the ground.

Appearing sometimes in the shortest moment and at other times remaining for much longer.

I see these when I watch first auditions in the occasional talent show audition online.

When I see people laugh without reservation or fear.

When someone is totally focused on doing something that they are passionate about.

When someone is being listened too deeply in the moment of needed.

When couples consumed in their love, hold hands or kiss lightly, just because.

For these diamonds are us, when we drop all the baggage we carry, put down all the stress that bruises the soul, turn off the world and just breath and be.

For in those moments what we all have, can’t do anything else than reveal its real self.

If you close your eyes, mentally create this picture, putting down all the external interference, you’ll see yours as well.



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