Stop it, just stop it

Stop it, just stop it

End the wars, stop making my own food toxic.

Stop poisoning our water.

Stop the abuse, mental and physical.

Stop the toxins introduced by big Pharma.

Stop the endless consumption.

Stop the pressure to keep running, no end in sight, just to survive.

Stop, put down, the hate.

Stop the anger the deceit and distrust. Stop the rape of our home, planet Earth.

Stop the needless and sometimes endless destruction.

Stop the nonsense of big business and crazy political games.

Stop the focus on money, at cost of all before.

Stop religious agenda, for we needed not when born and it will not continue in us upon death.

Stop the division and separation, for it simply destroys, not more not less, just destroys.

Just Stop It (it is really that simple).

We have no need for any of it.

Stop all of it today in your own life. Then show others beside the same.

Instead reach out, make contribution, build up yourself then contribute to others around. Understand what is of value to you.

Celebrate, make your life simple. Enjoy this trip called Life.

Leave this home better than it was before your arrival.

Life, real Life, isn’t what they tell you it should be.

Learn to live a real life.



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