What has been taken, removed oh so subtly from us

What has been taken

Day by day we got so busy, so in need for everything new and shiny. A price paid we understood not. Oh and at such a price.

Of course we get some time to rest, to recharge, to bang our heads once again for just one more week, week on week, never ending until death.

Where is the Passion?

Drowned bit by bit, day by day, by the media, the noise of high paced life. Removed from sight each little day in ways never to be noticed.

I couldn’t possibly do that – drummed in.

“Its some else’s problem, they caused this mess.” Causing apathy maybe at best, but certainly numb to the reality.
“Don’t take the risk, don’t get involved.” This might cause you to feel too human.

Turn on the media, let it pour over and through to numb the senses completely.

Be distracted by the pace that surrounds, stay safe.

Find the Passion!

The gifts given from the start, free before all, are being robbed from you in deceit. Tricked we are all being, into a life of numb.
Find the things that are your passion. Not causing harm to others. Then pursue with all you have.

This world needs passionate people, it needs the passion of being alive to re-strike the fire in all. The passion of Love, of nature, of imagination, of dreaming, creating, and being recreated.

Reignite your passion and hold it fast. Focus your intent and restart with a passionate life. For you know not where the flame may lead.

For the brave of heart.



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