What purpose does it serve?

What purpose does it serve?

All this noise, this tremendous deafening, destructive, mind robbing, numbing noise.

Why do we need to drown ourselves in this madness?

Politicians telling me how to think, lying to me for selfish gain?

The media stuffing utter nonsense towards me about things over which I can have no influence.

The box, consuming my life with garbage, dreamt up BS built to rob me of the times of my life, sitcom on sitcom.

The pop star, with perhaps pure intent to start, now scrambling over me for money, to stay up front?

The newspaper showing me how bad the world is. A picture painted of smoke and mirrors, with headlines oh so toxic.

The magazines consuming all before, boundless endless propaganda not more.

The junk mail, just makes my heart fall.

The radio stations spewing endless mindless crap into my every pore.

The web, showing me I must be kept up to date on what is trending in their moment I care less about.

What purpose does it serve?

Have we ever stepped back and taken note of all this crap. How much it pollutes the mind and robs us of time. How much it programs or cancels out who we all are from the start.
It just steals and takes, bit by bit each day, of your time. Your time with a finite end, at a time you know not.

Subtle yet irreversible the result.



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