When all boiled away

When all boiled away

For just a sec, take a minute and pause.

Imagine a pot on the boil. Filled to the brim with promise, creation, being caressed by the flame licking in the breeze at the bottom. Left for ages to simmer away. Gently the impurities are released. Bad elements evaporate out of the mix.

Often what remains at the end of this simple process is most pure, clean and fresh. So pure in fact that if left, other elements can be reabsorbed, in processes that have gone on and will continue forever long after we are no more.

The same way now, let’s look at “Life” in this modern world.

Our containers are choked full to the brim with what we are told to think and believe.

Our dislikes, those that may have caused pain or darted into your Soul. All those groups we are told to fear, including those who are yet to be your friends.

All those political messages clouding our view. Religion telling you, right and wrong, confirmed and confined in that box to remain. The work that keeps you busy distracted from all that is important. The crap that is spewed into your life from, it seems, everywhere turned.

The pressures of modern life, the locks that keep you down.

Comments made in jest but actually cutting to the core.

When all the crap taken away, when all clutter, hate, and hurt put down. When taxes forgot, political noise made silent, all distractions swept away.

When all your struggles, demands, screaming and kicking are laid to rest. When all boiled away, all that remains is Love.

Love is that pure clean, refined, simple, ready then to absorb more.

In its purest form, Love ready to pour forth.

For this is the only force, that drives all before.

When ready, through the refinement of the fire and choices in your life, delayer yourself and see if what is said is wrong. For all else falls away.

There is only Love at end of all.

All else is just noise, polluting your view, holding you down.

Love ………

• Love of self.

• Love for Family.

• Love for Friends.

• Love of and for Life

Until the pot runs over.


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