When born, the child knows not much of the physical experience.

• The Love of the Mother, the experience of the warmth of touch.

• The feel of the fresh breeze on the cheek.

• The warmth of the Sun on the face.

• The sound of laughter and joy. The feel of celebration.

But it brings also, unlimited boundless possibility of Life. All the talent and intrigue about everything not yet known.

The unlimited potential to explore the physical but also the spiritual and beyond. The potential to Love deeply and be Loved.

The potential to be open honest and vulnerable. The potential to care, oh so deeply, with those in need. The potential each and every time to make the world a better place.

And yet

We teach not to stand out in the crowd, to be frightened of the exploration. We teach not to take a risk or two, and God forbid to rise above. We bind the possibilities into the same definition of a conformed life each. We forget the potential there right from the start.

We clip and model and take away so into our box we can stuff and fold. Each time destroying all before, casting his huge potential to a “Normal Life”.

Well frankly, to hell with that!

Why, oh why, are we destroying all, before it has had chance to soar?

Why can’t we instead teach Love, Freedom, Real communication without reservation, Exploration, imagination, how to conduct without causing harm, how to live without greed and hate?

Really, the most intelligent Life on this planet, (or so I am told) and this is the best we can do, really?

Who formed this version of “Normal”. A die cast into which each is poured.

Why then does each need to be limited thus?

Please think on this for yourself, your family and the life to come into yours as you go forward.

For, if whatever someone else is doing is causing no harm, what right do you have to judge and condemn?

Why do we limit the possibilities thus?


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