The eyes captured me to ponder


When you look deeply into this little life, just starting. Can you see in the moment the wonder captured?

As that eye so deep, so very deep, gazes up, the child isn’t aware of crime, of hate, of taxes, of religion. Of being rejected, hurt, teased, bullied, or such things.

Just the innocence and wonder of being young, looks up. The eyes say it all.

Yet of the mould made already by ‘‘society” many things perhaps not preferred might be the path.

Perhaps the role of a soldier waits. Where murder is made legal to keep the industrial machine in motion. Perhaps worst, being killed in War with Life cut short, all potential lost.

Perhaps to become an executive, with all the toys around. Only to have Life cut short by the pressures endured along the way.

Trapped it seems by the very promise of Freedom.

Perhaps a Life time of real struggle awaits. Where living standards make hard each and every day. Struggling to pay bills for things you never asked for or wanted in fact.

Perhaps with body bought down by “‘modern life”, disease takes hold contracting years of pain and hardship.

Perhaps and maybe worst of all, a life without happiness and joy. Never knowing real friendship and family, all the effects of the programming yet to be installed.

None of these things I can see in these young eyes. None of these things could I ever see parents really wanting for their kids.

Yet as parents it seems, programming the next generation to be “normal” is the trap set before all.

Yet again as parents a choice awaits for your kids.

Do you teach them to explore, dream, live honestly, have imagination or teach them the trap that “normal life” will bind for all the Life?

If really brave you are, then take these steps today for yourself also. Find the wonder, be in awe, and learn to dream not just a little but a lot. Laugh and enjoy. Don’t be bound down by being normal.

If not for yours, then for the next, teach the next generation to hold onto the depth and wonder of the eyes captured in this photo.

Parents, for the next generation you must decide.

But deny me that in these young eyes isn’t the infinite gaze of the beauty of Life, fill of Awe and Wonder, untainted as yet by a “Normal Life”.


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