My heart weeps, and yet such promise

My heart weeps, and yet such promise

How could you ever price, ever purchase the priceless gifts given to each of us.

These things Love, above all Love, laughter, joy, compassion, then of course consider Life itself.

Trying to apply a monetary sum to such things would be like trying to capture the wind with a tennis racket.

And yet our cup runs over, just pouring forth with these and so much more. Kindness, the ability to suffer to celebrate in contrast. The ability to give, support, build up and nurture. Expression of Life, the arts, the ability to dream, explore and discover.

Tell me please how we were tricked into thinking that we need anything more. How we managed to think that War, Greed, Fear, Hate, Religion, Money and deceit were important or normal?

How did our thinking go so astray as to be distracted by the agendas of folk controlling the stage from places unseen. As Alice discovered, they already had all they needed, and the Magical OZ, was in the end all for nought. Yet still we hate, kill, destroy and consume it seems at times, above all other focus.

Things revealed make this view oh so bright.

Yet so many stumble, and fall, deceived by agendas built to deliberately trick, wasting all the Life energy each time. Never being able to see the world as it has been shown.

How grateful for our gifts, I am. How much the gratitude to then been given opportunity to share, build up and encourage. How humbling the journey, the view before now becomes.

My heart weeps.

None of us, not one anywhere, needs anything, not one bit more, than all we had the very second we were born.


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