Let’s examine the plot before most western people

Let’s examine the plot before most western people

Kids born – all good. Go to school get an “education” – kind of OK I suppose, but kind of not also, for it seems to not program our kids into real exploration of all they can possibility be. Then we are dispatched into adult life to work, to achieve all we can in front of an all-consuming machine.

This tells us to work hard and purchase everything we can. Be seen by all around us to have and be in possession of all these things. Life will be good, fantastic in fact on that day.

When is enough in this preached gospel? Aren’t we supposed to be working less nowadays, having been promised easier lives all that time ago? When do we say that we have worked hard enough and now have enough to extract ourselves?

“How much money does a man need to be happy?” Rockefeller’s answer when asked (and I quote): “Just a little more”.

Work and spend to the end of your life. We are all in it for ourselves, the current mantra beaten towards us by endless drums. Meaningless lives in a material world. More more more, poisoned by this thing they call “The Market”.

In denial you might be, maybe happy with the view. If comfortable feel free to carry on.

The issue is however (maybe “The Fact”) that this endless consumption approach is being ramped up against, wait for it, a finite resource base.

The continued increase acceleration consumption model is madness against finite resource.

For sure technology might change what we consume, may offer some twists and turns. But endless consumption against finite resource base just has to collapse.

There can be no other outcome, none.

The latest mobile device, having purchased “the latest” only 18 months ago. The latest apartment or house, expanding “your space” well above what you really need, expanding all the time.

The wardrobe full to bursting, yet only one set of anything can be worn at one time. The plastic packaging that now even wraps single lemons in your store. Consumption to the obscene.

Yet you still have choice, but it can only be you that makes that choice. No one, not one person can force you to decide to change. Every excuse you may find, for the programming against unplugging, has been strong and well planned.

Bit by bit, little by little changes can be found. That when then looking back a long way you have come.

This choice, like all the big ones, only you can decide.



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