The traveller

The traveller

Born into many journeys, my foot steps have walked. Sometimes the victor, yet others in suffering. At all times challenged to progress, for the sake of my soul. Connected together as one, there I walk.

Provided at start, each time journey entered, with all desired to achieve already agreed. My Journey, whilst in community or not, is mine to walk or deny. For it is my path alone that was set before.

The Key? That is Love.

First the love of the self, the understanding of why. Why my reaction so, why the bags carried, why I react this way and that? Why my desire to be heard, or dominate each time?

The Love of what’s inside. The energy perfect, just waiting to be aligned and refined. Connection secured.

Then love for all outside, seen and unseen.

Along the way the decision to die to self, that which lies ahead of all. To bring into balance all revealed before. For the more learnt the less you’ll know.

Replaced instead with Higher Realm paths. To support all around, Sentient and beyond.

This journey of Love is one of commitment and work. For many will try to take hold and drag down. The art of the witness, steadfast you must be.

At end of all, the prize.

That of returning to the Divine, even now in the moment. For never was there a gap in truth, just Love.


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