He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

You’re candle burnt out long before your legend ever did. I know your eyes in the morning sun. I feel you touch me in the pouring rain. I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping while my guitar gently weeps.

The playful child became my mother. Too large for this mere place to contain.

You carried me on your shoulders, never letting me cry alone. Even when down and heavily weighted, your hand, your laughter, your smile reached in and touched my heart.

Physically I took you for granted until the sky fell, on the day the wind came and blew your candle out. Larger than life itself, always watching out for me, then removed.

Now with many years past, I find you more deeply than before.

Wishing the hands of time would spin back to when the madness that was you, was here, walking beside me.

Yet today I find you in the music of life. For in the songs my memories hold steadfast as yours, I find you in an instance, their again right beside me.

May I stay the path, so that the lessons taught and those that I have yet to learn, as open as you taught me to be, I remain.

No longer able to touch, yet physically move me often you still do. May I carry you with me always. For the load you carried that was me, I now carry which was you. Right beside each other we have always been.

Here comes the sun, here comes the sun And I say, it’s all right.

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother.

We all know pain and suffering as our lives play out before us.

Each Life separate in its learning’s experiences, Loves, hurts and pain.

Perhaps the greatest crime of all time is the decision to withdraw and hide away from Life. Isolated totally it seems, by the chasm created in those instances.

Draw alongside those around you. Take the time to listen. Much healing for both the result. Do not let the day’s rush past, without taking the time to stretch your hand out towards another. Let not a moment go by.

For we all carry the hurt of experiences past.


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