A beautiful song

A beautiful song

A beautiful song plays throughout this thing called Life. An individual tune, each song tailored just so. No two the same.

Cast so many years before, with many practiced on how it is to be played.

Yet upon arrival, distraction takes hold. Hurt, Anger and Ego find their way in, actually programmed in, truth be known.

And still the song plays. Throughout the years, the notes play in melody just perfect, laid down.

Stress knocks to most with door open wide. Purchase this, work at that, achieve that next milestone, compare yourself lacking, your own judgement finds. Stress.

And still this beautiful melody, crescendo’s so sweet, perfection. Words no where near describes.

Then the doubt and judgement falls in and builds for you a wall of lies to keep you safe. Just keep busy, now there’s a key.

And still the music plays. So softly that in comparison the loving caress of the mother would fall short. With quiet moments captivating the very Soul, Peace.

And when curtains draw to a close, for the for the show draws neigh, crowds quietly shuffling away. Even at this time, this late time, still the music plays.

Regardless of start or the end, the Stress, the Anger and Doubt carried through the journey, still the music plays.

All we have to do is take the time to listen. For still, to be still, the music plays.

So where to start?

Be still. Learn how to breathe, how to love yourself. Make the time to remove yourself from all things of the Left and find yourself, without distraction. Turn off the phone, tablet, computer , radio.

Maybe the easiest place to start is finding your creative side. Can’t paint, play music, write poems, or read books? Easy, just go into Creation (Nature) and let yourself be “Recreated” in it. The process of Caterpillar into Butterfly, a good example. Internal the journey must be.

Become “present”, aware of what is going on around you. Start to see yourself as the observer of your Life, rather than the owner.

Meditation, Mediate, and more Mediation.

Chakras get them working, balancing and cleaning out blockages.

The weight of publicly available information, even in these brief suggestions, would sink the largest ship. So begin an adventure of seeking out things you need to start with today!

Remember, this normally isn’t a bolt of lightning from the Sky. Much focus, work and time is usually required. For as long as it took to turn on The Left and with all the time between then and now, so must the journey be for The Right.

Along the way expect Ego to fall away, sometimes with much Pain. The hardships of forgiveness will present, especially the Forgiveness of self. Just trust as the journey flows, learn to let go. Be gentle with yourself, breath, be still.

The words of The Left, falling way short of the life in The Right. Vibrational change taking place.

Slowly and gradually a new world will begin to appear in your Life and “Being the Change” will start to take hold. When restored balance starts to be, so then perhaps “Awakening” you might be.

The funny aspect of all, when this starts to become the path, less and less you’ll care about the label and holding yourself up. The more I know, the less I know, I know.

Balance levelling all out. Maybe “awake” then you will be.


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