(please read slowly)

(please read slowly)

The most gentle wisp of air, blows oh so gently onto the cheek, hardly feel it you can.

Unless present you are, so easily missed. In that moment, a point of change is presented.

For in this moment, if attention paid, your eyes move slightly to the side. Just a small adjustment in glaze, it focuses anew.

Something that was always there, unnoticed now holds centre stage. For that breathe blew you just that little bit to the left or right.

Onto something or someone in fact that completely re patterns your life for all time forward. Never to look back you are. Now cast in a completely new mould, life taking a path never understood before.

In ten fifteen years’ time, when considering all, still that moment, that day, stays in the fore of the mind. For clearly remembered the gentle wisp on the cheek is. Like it was just yesterday, like in fact it was a sign sent to change all.

So easily missed that life changing event would have been, if not aware of whom you were in that moment. If attention wasn’t paid to the signs that abound all around, all the time.

Take the time to pay attention to your life, for you know not what you risk, what you might lose.


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