Oh how incredible we are

Oh how incredible we are

Such talent, the limitless possibilities inherently we all have.

We have the power to strike, cause harm, kill, destroy, murder, rob, steal, cheat and wound oh so deep. Verbally pull down, dart and cast spells that can scar for all life. We can contribute to a world of hate, hunger, poverty, disease, death and consumption, endless consumption. In every action we can add energy to this side.

In contrast our ability to create all in the opposite abounds.

We can nurture, oh so pure, nurture ourselves, family and friends, nature and lastly of course our home planet Earth. We can explore all manner of spiritual development, progressing adding to society rather than judging or being judged.

We can heal, sometimes just with a smile. Offer a hand when needed just because we make choice. Provide food and shelter sometimes from the most humble of places. We can feel and give.

Love. Support each other through life’s hurdles. We can appreciate this place call home, to take care rather than destroy.

We can be astounded by all that life offers, and celebrate the gift of being alive.

Finally we can choose to be in Love.

Doing no harm, choosing to contribute rather than to take and pull down.

Yours and my decision, where to apply our life’s force is for the sober.


Upon which side of this coin are you casting your life energy?


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