Art will save the world

Love, passion, immersement, freedom, expression, challenged, risk, all these things and so much more, expressed as Love (Jus and Bhaj combined it seems). For before all, and at the end of all, Love will not change. It alters not one vibration, not one, for of all and in all is Love.

The vehicle of delivery for us, is that of Art.

This is not just where mind considers first, that of paint and brush. For that is only one degree, one narrow ray contained in the Art that is Love.

The same Art that has already transpired millennium and will continue without change for all of time forward.

Deep this secret is but everywhere hidden in plain sight it remains. Those that walk asleep, dulled to the bright light that casts no shadow. For there can be no shadow in the Art of Love.

Nor will ever be the case.

This Art (dhā) defined thus: the full spectrum of all in Art that is Love.

This art of the seasons ebb and flow. The art of expression in verse and word. That of form and shape, where expression and exploration meet. So vast this world unstoppable, unchangeable by man it is. For in it only our part we can play and in it, missing large elements would remain if without human expression it remained.

Many have already given all for this Art, who’s threads are traceable throughout time. Laid down lives, too many to count, so valuable held steadfast is this Art of Love. For it is the Art of heart, the art of touch and feeling that is the grace before all.

Deep oh so deep these lessons are, for the individual discovery, rock solid for each it waits.

Ponder long on these words long for much investment made, to try with best result to express that which is life around all.

Yet fall short still this expression does, as declared from the start.

May this light of no shadow reveal itself to you.

Ars enim non salvificem mundum


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