And so you were shocked, you must be right?

And so you were shocked, you must be right?

Have you seen it? Did you notice it yet? Have you ever stopped to think about? Do you understand what the impacts of it on your life might be?

And what is it …………….?

The programming that is coming at you from everywhere.

“Passengers were Shocked”, “You must see”, “Terrified / Terrifying”, “The Video that has the politicians shaking”, “Save, Save, Save”, “You won’t believe what happened next”, “Try not to cry” “Were shocked”, “Try not to cry”, “Goes Viral”

From the front page of the SMH website this morning. Just one single page on a single day.

“FIFA report highly critical of Australia”, “Ransom ware attack strikes Australia after ravaging Europe, US” “The ‘sobering’ class divide in Sydney’s schools revealed” “Prince William and David Cameron ‘caught up in FIFA scandal’”, “Australian Netflix customers to be slugged with price rise”, “Like a rag doll: Swimmer plucked from rock in rapids”, “Cyber attack: is Australia under threat?”, “Anti-feminists’ troll shop for stocking Clem Ford’s book”.

Can you see the way these headlines and words are used to get you to spend time inside the mindset of someone else?

Can you see how they are built / constructed to get inside yours?

Understand, pay attention to the world around you, what you let in and what now going forward you might not.

For you have already, everything you need and you need not all the rubbish spewing towards you in this they call “today’s world”.


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