Normal, what is this thing called normal?

Normal, what is this thing called normal?

Programmed in, it has been. Be “normal”, don’t stand out, don’t risk it, how dare you!

Don’t you dare, don’t you dare be brave enough to be yourself.

“Normal” it is just another limit or confine that has been placed around us, over you, over your life.

Do no harm to anyone else, or the planet that we all call home, these are the rules, the only rules that you need to test your actions through. For what is “normal” when I consider your life?

How dare I, how dare anyone for that matter, limit your life by this destructive process of thought?

How much have you held yourself in, just to ensure conformance to the nonsense of thought, “normal”?

If you aren’t hurting anyone else, the planet, then go, be, do those things you find are normal for you.

It would be foolish not to acknowledge that we are all individuals.

Each with our own likes, dislikes, upbringing and things we cherish and find valuable personal to us. Why then do we try, you try, to fit in with what is at best a trap? That which steals the individual you, and tries to stuff into a box who’s boundaries are impossible to define.

Be creative; express yourself in your own special way. Make yourself smile, give not care of thought for the perception of others. Pursue those things which are close to your heart.

Measure yourself against no one, and nothing, for you are unique, special in your own way.

If you like to make sand castles, climb trees, daydream, watch stars, doodle, sing, dance, walk different, laugh just because you want to, eat ice cream with tomato sauce, wear “colours that clash”, then celebrate those things that are normal for you.

Let no one, not a single person; limit your discovery of yourself.

“Normal” is a place of death and deceit if you let it suffocate you. Be not confirmed by this place, toxic to the core.

It brings nothing but regret and death. Live rich and strong, find yourself, be yourself.



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