It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to cry

Our emotions, we seem to always want to focus on the good times, seeking the buzz of everything good throughout. And yet only one half of the spectrum this is. For the balance of this is to acknowledge both emotions.

To be tender, to let the pain that heals in, strong you must be. Not always comfortable the feelings that arise, but oh the healing, the gentleness that results.

There is much beauty in this place, beauty that isn’t always understood by the logical mind. It must be let in to understand life in a new way.

The connections made by the bravery to drop all the masks, all the barriers and walls keeping us “safe”, are amazing. To be in balance, the balance that is nature, it is abnormal to deny this aspect of Life, this balance.

Yours to decide, this thing called Life, this walk of balance.

Don’t hold yourself back and deny this balance which is after all just Nature. The balance intended for each if we drop the programming instilled by this place we “Live”.

These are the steps for the Brave.


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