The Law drowning and suffocating

The Law drowning and suffocating

Just as the waves do when caressing the shore, so The Law slips past us so easily. More and more, just a little bit each day, higher and higher the tide. Unlike the cleansing waves however, the Law comes to drown us, hem us in and limit the expression of ourselves in so many ways.

Do I need a Law about offending someone? No, I just need to be respectful myself, towards others.

Do I need a Law about stealing anything? No, I just need to not steal myself.

Do I need white and yellow lines on a road? No, I need to be aware of the conditions and where I am driving and drive to those conditions.

Do I need a law about making too much noise at different times?

No I just need to consider others sometimes, ahead of myself.

Do I need Law that prevents me from being nice to my neighbour? No I just need to be so myself anyway.

Everywhere I look today, new Laws, new Law, new rules and “authority” suffocation abounds, if even just bit by bit it comes.

So how then might you react to this incoming tide that day by day takes so much from your Life?

Take responsibility for yourself. Be mindful for those around you. Respect that others might not see the world exactly as you do.

May the numbers of those needing “Law”, decline. Long may the incoming tide be pushed back to remain at low.



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