Human Nature

Human Nature

It arrived, into a conversation being taken recently. “Oh that is just Human Nature” with reference to the hurt and casual disregard of those actions laid at the feet of “Human Nature”.

Having pondered much, there is much insight in these cast a ways, this one not being in isolation. For we abstain from truth, without disregard.

What is then, really, Human Nature ….?

Is it to stomp and place the neck of someone else under the foot?

Is it to destroy, rape and burn this place we call home? This beautiful chuck of rock flying through space.

Is it to cheat, lie and cause harm, to those of different view than those I hold dear?

Is it to constantly strive for more and more without disregard of the suffering right beside?

Is it to make war, kill and destroy, just because we know how?

And yes, would have to be an answer for we see it all the time, don’t we?

Equally however is our Human Nature to …..?

Build up and create Life a fresh

Strive to create balance between ourselves and the nature we call home.

To self-discover, amazed by the miracle’s not seen before.

To lend a hand, support and to Love.

And yes, would equally apply when considering these aspects opposed to the first.

The difference between the two in reality is nothing. For all are in fact our “Human Nature”, these and many more.

But to what point should the focus apply, if in fact no difference can be found?

Our Human Nature is ours, each of us each moment of each day. For our Human Nature takes form from the decisions we each make. For it is the choices we make that defines our Human Nature. Sober in the cold hard light of day.

Our choices, to follow as sheep or to explore path alone. Our choices to strike back if lashing comes our way. Our choices to stop and listen to a friend in need.

My choices, your choices, these are the things that make your nature, human or not.

Be careful not to disregard the responsibilities we all have to in the throw away language we use. For in these sayings, so casually used, we deny for ourselves the application of Life and your ownership of your Human Nature, being defined.

Yours to decide.


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