There is energy in this world

There is energy in this world

Threads of connections that come and go, mostly without attention paid. We let the noise of the world in, distracting all-consuming if we let it.

We hold onto those parts we think are important from the noise, not noticing that these things are only dust. Here for the time we are, vanishing oh so quickly after we have gone.

Yet the threads of connection remain even after sun gone down, even if no attention paid.

For these are the real gifts of Life.

Those things created by you good or bad, they remain, independent of you for all of times. These are the real tracks of our lives. Recorded for later review if you wish, for the Akashic will stand and stand on.

Pay attention; be not distracted by the noise of the world, to the real things from this life. For the entire reason for breath at all is these things which most never see.

Be in Grace; resonate to those around as you feel to connect or not. Live life as a feeling, to be observed and learnt through, as the observer.

The nature we all reside in, that of Love, Light and vibration, whose entire substance is made of these threads, can have substance pulled down or built up by the choices, the actions, the thoughts and energy you control and yield as you travel on this journey.

A positive creator be. With Love and honour live. Serve with everything you are and more, at times. Be not distracted by that, that surrounds.

Cherish, hold fast to the real values of this thing called Life.


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