Can I have please?

Can I have please?

Food which is good for me, produced locally, balanced, without all the chemicals.

Water without Fluoride and Chlorine added, for “my good health”.

Goods without “pop packaging” that I don’t need, didn’t ask for and which is thrown away each time I purchase something. Instead please can I have open containers allowing me to purchase the number of “things” I actually need. Not the number I must purchase when goods are pre-wrapped “for me”.

Goods designed to last. Let them be made with parts that are easily upgraded. Built for longevity, not for throw away.

Community rather than isolation, without fear of each other being driven into our minds.

Peace Officers, as they originally were supposed to be. Not Police Officers trying to take from my life, rather than supporting it.

A place governed by those with open agenda, genuinely striving for the common good. Not by hidden “party policy” and personal gain.

Education that teaches how to think and explore, not what to think and how to judge.

A society that doesn’t hold up celebrities as icons, those to be revered.

A system that holds folk up for good, for Love itself, rather than achievement and shallow things.

A home where businesses aren’t trying to “profit” from me.

A society where I need not carry keys.

Balance between ourselves and Nature. Rather than the rape, burning destruction that abounds today.

A life where, if I am not hurting anyone or my home, Planet earth, I need not law to define how I must be.

Is this or any of this too much to ask?



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