Time for change

Time for change

For those times understood from long ago now arrive. Much cleansing already underway, nature now moving in unstoppable ways. For as Georgia described, the winds of change now blow.

Unless much work invested, much panic the result. For without the calm, your path you’ll not remain. For these are now the times of much change, where destruction will reside.

Our planet has been wounded and it must have time for its own healing, before all else. Nature needs what it does in these times of change, and as natural as it is, most of everything else will be swept away.

Now is the time where rapid change will be affected. What is normal today will not be tomorrow. Within the briefest of periods all will be different than it was before.

May our countrymen draw close to us in this great time of need.

For many will not understand. For those that can see, remain steadfast in the path before, for nature knows the perfect plan, as you know already.

Time is short. The veil before all, will be torn. Many not ready for the view.

Speed, but not haste, is the key. For if fear returns then all is lost. The challenge before not trivial at all. Those of the future will look back to know that this period was where it all began.

For the critical date has now passed us by.


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