Lies, just lies abound, if brave enough to ask

Lies, just lies abound, if brave enough to ask

Endless consumption is madness, on a finite planet.

Economies, they are not. For this is nothing “economic” in production, with failure and waste built right in. Nothing is economic in shipping me my goods and food from places I didn’t even know existed.

Education it is not. More closely aligned to programming it is.

I need not be in fear of the person right next door to me, nor him or her of me, if we choose to live well together.

I need not “Law” to tell me what my rights are. I was born with mine intact and will die the same.

Allopathic medicine has “The answer / all the answers”.

We need to spend more millions and millions researching cures for cancer. We know them already.

If all vaccines actually worked why would everyone need them? For surely those that choose not to, wouldn’t present any risk whatsoever to those that have.

You aren’t caught in traffic. You are part of it.

Poverty isn’t my problem.

Fukushima is under control, and stopped being a problem years ago.

Change is something that will happen without me, out there, away from me.

War, isn’t murder it is land / resource acquisition by another name.

We need all this information spewing towards us on phone and tablet.

No one actually profits when we use money, for anything.

Life can’t be lived in a basic yet very rich way.

Corporations love you and want to do what is best for you.

These are the “safe speeds” at which you should travel. There is no “safe speed” on any road. The only “Safe Speed” is zero.

If your food store has a health food section, what does it make the rest?

You are an outsider or loner if you start to prefer your own company.

Peak Oil crisis will never happen.

These and millions of other lies, if brave enough to look, are at the foundation of many worlds “out there”. Who knows maybe aspects of these are the foundation of yours, as they used to be mine.

The answer, the way through these lies? To ask questions, to study and research.

The result? the truth for you develops for you, in your favour.

Your truth will be unveiled before you. But the action, isn’t out there, owned by anyone else, owned by “the they” they must be owned by you.

Yours the action or not.


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