Cross Over

Cross Over

When life pursued, questions asked and new answers revealed, a journey in the making begins.

Things of old begin to fade, more dull each new day. The things around begin to take focus fresh. Those of old, no longer attract as once before. But yet that of the ordinary takes new light, new detail as if blossom for the first time for real.

Let the traveller remain mindful at each step taken. For that tradition from within, status quo it prefers. Unless inner deceit put down, the journey may be more consuming that first considered. For the path before is narrow going to places yet unknown. A soldiers resolve required, yet as gentle as the dove, to be.

The steps today aren’t those of yesterday. Instead they become those of now. Not tomorrow but just now in the moment each step taken anew. Fresh views of the same revealed in new ways.

One day it comes, when foundation ready, the view that the Cross Over is underway.

For there can be no going back, to where you once were. You are now in it, but yet so many miles outside at the same.

Compassion, Understanding, Love and giving are the highlight.

Less now the anchors of the past. Less so as future comes. The noise fades also as clarity takes holds. The rust, the decay of old, fall now to reveal warmth, a brightness just so.

The Cross Over, nay that which is the journey, focused before you it is.

A peace takes hold.

Illae quae habent aures audiendi, audiat illos


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