Dreams we all have a few

Dreams we all have a few

Some want to cure world poverty; others just want to pluck the courage to ask someone out on a date. Others, exploration of the soul and all the entire universe has to offer.

Beyond wildest thought no boundary to contain.

Yours whatever they are or it is, is no lesser than that of anyone beside.

For let no man judges yours against any measure, for all dreams are priceless in creation and intent.

There are things on this journey called Life that are real miracles.

Your dreams, what it takes you to obtain or even move towards them are of the highest order miracles there are.

This is not the domain of the EGO, but rather the quiet inner you. The voice that keeps finding its way into your thoughts.

This is the journey that perhaps your foot steps were delivered here for.

Perhaps yours to sit and watch clouds drift on, creating dreams more inside.

But let nothing take you away or distract you from having and chasing yours. Turn off the world, take the time for discovery, to dream. For your journey is yours.

Immeasurable in design, ready for your discoveries to unfold.

Even if yours is just humble and yet incredibly powerful to make the world a better place, step by step, day by day.

Dreams ……


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