These footsteps are mine

These footsteps are mine

Today I walk, you walk, where no one has gone before.

For these steps are those that I make. No one can make them in just the same way.

My path whilst similar in some way to those that might have gone before, is mine. No one has walked it in just the same way. Responded to the lessons in the way I choose.

I need to own that which is before me for unique to me my walk is. To remain open to the lessons life has for me the special place to remain.

This gift of Life, not regarded by many it seems, but special it is never the less.

For those that cherish it and hold it so close, might the sun bring warmth to your breath. Might this warmth then spread to those that walk in the cold. Not knowing these special places we call Life.

Learn to walk without blame, upright as the standing man, with Ego cast aside. Share the view that is yours, so others may in turn learn to see theirs.

Be led to the places that are the most fitting for you and your walk. For no one can really see the world through your eyes.

Take not the judgement of others, and learn not to judge yourself. Instead choosing a path of support and encouragement for those brave enough to explore their path for themselves.

Let no man hold a candle to those brave enough to walk honestly with themselves. Instead extend Grace to those choosing to walk the narrow path that which leads individually where it must. For much strength is required to walk honestly in this way.

Put down the judgement that creates division and separation replacing instead with that which builds up and encourages.

For at end of all, that which is not Love, isn’t.



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