I’ll have my jail thanks!

I’ll have my jail thanks!

The Freedom they tell me I need has all the comforts of home.

The latest device, that needs replacing once every three years, at a minimum. The fastest connection available with the largest download prescribed.

The new or late model car, so others can see me smart. The home larger than anyone else’s, with all the latest gadget’s to the brim.

A clothes cupboard, most of which I now wouldn’t be seen dead in.

Locks on my doors to keep me safe, more today than yesterday.

A fist full of credit cards so I can purchase anything I want at any time, without care of tomorrow.

Bling, don’t care about definition, just give me bling, and more tomorrow.

Most of all my freedom is in change and distraction it seems.

Tell me new things, keep me pumped full of “knowledge” that decays as fast as I can take it in.

Keep me across the modern trend and latest happening, if only for a day. In these things I am told my Freedom must be, for it must be normal and right to live in this land of the Free.

Yet my jail, I find, still draws me in. Locked in maybe and perhaps when pondered just so, maybe merit there is in closing the door.

For my Jail is one of quietness and discovery, where world of the free, no volume at all. Content with what is, but open to change.

Ready to discovery and reflection of self, to learn of things steadfast, the rocks of foundation.

Focus and study applied, there in my jail, it seems not the trend of the land of the Free. Yet much learning and understanding granted in those hours. Where with no noise at all, focus applied.

Open to those around who are for learning and sharing, with mutual growth enough to justify all. Where, with grace, led, to provide option and choice where perhaps not consider they were before.

Dull and without glitter, those things programmed as required to be free. Value arrives tenfold via other means.

Community, trust, sharing built, rather than division, distrust and hate. When consider all, as fast as possible, the door I slam shut.

Cast the key beyond horizon please, for I care not for the world of the Free.


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