The dance is the dance

The dance is the dance

Destructive to the core. Systems designed to draw the very life blood. Kept busy, distracted with deliberate act to steal the very life from the Soul.

Pace, speed, pressure, debt, distrust, fear built right in. Isolation the key, separation and distraction, simple tricks of the trade.

Yet even under this core sapping crushing load, The Dance is danced.

Like it or not The Dance is danced. For time moves for us all regardless if we hear the music or not.

The miracle of it all is this thing, this pressure, this crush, this suffocating weight that can consume.

Dance can never, never be contained.

For those that chase, run away from the empty feeling, massive richness the prize.

In the staring at clouds, the lyrics on the tip, the artists brush, the smile given because of choice, the hug, the ear that can listen without judgement, the choice to be you in spite of all else.

In these things, these simple honest, raw, vulnerable life giving things is Life. So rich, pure, untouchable that no outside pressure could ever destroy.

For those that dance long be your Joy, struggle and all. For those starting to dance, take heart. The Dance is worth your very Soul.

For in this place is who you are, not who you are told to be. Take it all and be grateful, with oh so deep the gratitude.

The Dance, is the dance.


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