Where has the laughter gone?

Where has the laughter gone?

Blessed you are if chasing rainbows takes your breath away.

Laughter, “the rainbow from the Soul”.

That joy outburst that comes from “that place” deep inside. Full of tears, the type that if allowed to run, robs the lungs of the breath. Where at end you have to stop for fear of major medical problem.

Forgotten it seems the enjoyment that should be centre of this thing called Life.

Where has the laughter gone from our homes? Who told us we couldn’t focus on enjoying ourselves in these modern times.

When last did you laugh? Laugh by yourself, with family or friends? Not at cost of others, but just honest genuine joy of life and choices made. Just for the enjoyment of this thing, this gift of Life.

Tears pouring down the face, unable to stop, colour pouring forth to those around. Soul enjoying the vulnerability of the Souls in the space. The kind that close friends and family feel safe enough with each other, to just be. To strike the flame together from which rainbows of light illuminate to all those around.

Such are the miracles that originate from gifts given without a price.

The pots of gold are indeed to be found at the end of Rainbows.

Never forget the pursuit of the rainbows presented in your Life.


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