I see a colour blended into another, then another, yet more poured. The colours remain intact, each uniquely has it place. Yet all a perfect part in making the whole. Turning, twisting interacting to a perfect plan of completeness.

An environment played out just so.

Without limit of space or time, in resonance each a place has.

Inside the environment, dimension, choice, decision all the same.

Good and bad equal parts allowed without judgement. In fact created to support the choice that free will allows, it has been.

Perhaps sorrow, pain and anguish aspects of the result. But also opportunity for goodness and growth just the same. Love however, uncompromising, simple, pure, strong. Love, the supporter of all, remains.

Through test and choice, refinement the result. Sober and focused the path before, both for the one and the whole.

Consequence ours to bear.

The Grace extended, crushing in its weight. All things recorded to allow for review and improvement, thought mind and deed, upon return home.

How beautiful, beyond words to the point of being incomprehensible in fact, whilst vibration limited thus.

Perhaps beyond the possibility of the most narrowest glimmer of Being. Yet in this entire environment revealed probably just a sliver of the real view.

Oh how humbling, to take my breath away.

Ours, the part to decide ……..


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