We are born, all needed already

Enough, isn’t it?

We are born, all needed already

Once born, given, all needed, no cost or justification, just given no questions asked.

Our free will, our freedom of choice, the right and responsibility to treat others well, the decisions to make to build up or tear down. To be honest, honest enough to allow life to teach you all that was agreed from the start. Narrow the path, risks are high, brave without fear to be.

More and more it seems that the chase of lies, the vacuum of a black hole consumes all around.

The core is under threat; we have our role to play.

Fear of losing the smoke that is money, the “need” for more and more ever increasing, the distrust of those beside, driven in deeper and deeper. Sad and inevitable seems the result. Sleight of hand built right in.

The core that we can indeed be good to ourselves, to others around such a cornerstone like no other before, like no other ever to come. Seems the acid of this modern world just slightly day by day eroded before our eyes, it is. Just slightly ever so gentle, until no more remains



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