What really matters?

What really matters?

When the light that is your life dulls and fades, gently ebbing back to where it came. What remains is what you focused on.

Such is the impact of those decisions you took, whilst experience and time gave opportunity.

Fading most quickly is that of the material world. That of brick and mortar, metal and tin. These things are only here because you are. Lasting not long after your departure. Seductive this world is, careful you must be, trickery is all this is.

Your decisions are what really matter.

Will you join in community to build up, than to destroy? Will you show a kind hand when that is all needed? Lead with compassion and thought for others. Will you judge and put down, when a gentle ear to listen was all asked? So gapped today that many might believe that it no longer possible.

But where, where to start?

Get comfortable with yourself, raise your energy, and learn to enjoy your own company. Your resonance will be forever changed and lifted. Perfect maybe not, but a sober work in progress always remain.

Let this spill over into your relationships, partner, family and friends. Be settled and slow to anger. Be the healer. Listen with everything that is you. Honour those around you with clear intent to build up and support those around you. Take care to be genuine, honest and open to helping, but also for the learning that is presented as a gift to you.

In these things you build change, real lasting, long lasting change. For those that come and go from your world will be touched, changed in ways they will never forget.

The young, oh spend so much time with them for they are those who are coming after you. Those in whom your energy, care and attention will remain and perhaps in their young also. Let them take from you all that is you. Take care.

The elderly, let them share all the wisdom they have learnt from their years. Never slow down your progress by blocking them out. Honour them with all your heart mind and soul.

In the moments of laughter, tender listening and sharing, shared tears and extreme joy, in these times is your time.

The time of building those things that matter.

What really matters? These, these are the things that matter.

These are the things that last for all eternity.

Forget them not.


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