The beating of a drum

The beating of a drum

Seductive the vibration can be. Something really attractive at times if attention paid. Speaks to the core of the being, draws you in. If heard from a distance, it triggers something inside that resonates and pulls the person close.

The beating drum.

Better still when many come together in harmony just so. Can take you far away, cause fear when used in times of war, but always grabs your attention almost without thought, and remember that time!

Upon examination, the drum, such an interesting instrument. The tone no more than that of an empty canister. Skin stretched tight, capturing the empty space inside. Substance when reviewed in detail reveals not much. More empty space than anything else.

Yet such a tone, such a note, undeniable the attraction.

The beating drum.

This world, example easily drawn.

It appears to have so much, so much to offer. The education, the “bling”, seen by just the right crowd in just the right places, in just the right garment, just so. The money, the career, the power, the chase, the thrill of it all! I want, I must, you can’t, “are you serious”. Go go go, don’t stop, keeping going, more!

The beating drum.

In the same way if substance revealed in the true light of day, this beating drum is that which robs and steals you of your life.

For this drum, just like the instrument, has no real substance, just more empty space, you inside, captured, trapped by the tone of it all.

Seductive, oh extremely so. If allowed it will seduce until the very end, until maybe understood the wasted time might be. For it holds allure of the most incredible kind.

The beating drum. Enough, isn’t it?


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