How to grow diamonds

(Please read “The beating of a drum”, first)

Things that last, of substance, take time. The hardest of these in nature is diamonds. The atoms bound in such a way, space between each crushed to a minimum, makes them the hardest substance we know. Things that last, longer than anything else, are natural.

These are found in the quiet places, having gone through perhaps the hardest of process to the result. These aren’t of the noise of this place, but oh so powerful the resonance just the same. The allure this time crammed full of substance, rock hard, as hard as diamonds in fact.

To create these takes decision, hard work and time. Takes decision to turn away from the beating drum, that you are programmed holds answers, all you need. For these are of the things that last.

Honestly building relationship with yourself, perhaps one of the hardest roads to travel. A gem so clear, so bright, perhaps the highest resonance of them all. Love, non-judgemental Love, a gem worth the task of creation.

But in other places gems are scattered everywhere before us, if volume of The Drum ignored.

Creation, even if in day dream, never a wasted tick.

Friendship, partnership, lending an ear to hear without judgement, without the desire to reach in and change a thing.

These, these are the things of substance. Last for ever recorded in the record each is.

The art’s, gardening, walking, taking the moments to ponder all, opening the door for another, sharing what you have without burden attached. This, this is Life. In the creation of the energy, the substance through your Life that will endure for all time.

Distracted by The Drum, don’t be. Instead be brave enough to turn down that volume, seeking instead to set about creating diamonds all around for all to enjoy forever.

Let your Life stand for the things that matter, not that which is hollow. Rather let your Life be a path paved by the diamonds you leave as you travel this road called Life.


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