Be proud of who you are

Born into this world we all are. From east west top and bottom of a bubble floating in space. No rights or wrongs, it just is.

As we grow we learn or not, those things we desire to experience. Rich, poor, healthy, sick, poorly, Anger and Love, we all, such a gift of experience to behold.

For this snap shot of time, this brief glimpse, to drink of this vibrational experience, be proud of the journeys path.

The trip that has bought you to this place, this moment in time.

Those in your life, those that have come and now departed, those perhaps yet to come, to give gifts of such fine wine, if you remember, to remember to drink.

Forget not all that has come before, and from where it came.

For this is the making of you, in the moment, that is now.

You need not more.

Just be, and be proud from where you came, for it made you all you are today.



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