Change the thing most constant

Change the thing most constant

Even in the brief time, light shed on real life, has been for me.

When pondered about those elements that caught the eye back then, much changed has already been the result.

Those things seemingly endless, able to stand for eternity, have gone.

When investigated today, maybe robbed by modern society, might be the best most accurate description to present. For those things studied now have for sure been modified by processes most commercial in endeavour.

Yet it appears to be most natural of system change. The gap between “of the world” and “by the world” widening as the madness expands. The tear between those that understand and those that choose a different path simply following natural law.

So with each passing day, more attention required to discover those things of before. More rare they appear to be today, perhaps therefore more precious. Yet ready as time moves, proves to be.

Be grateful for those things revealed when time and being ready to receive. Pay attention, forgetting not to carefully immerse in that time, for you know not when that time will pass.

Replaced these things will be, for as development goes deeper and wider, the vision also is made more clear. More simple, yet more powerful, oh so much more powerful the truth revealed.

To go back, attractive for the moment considered, for sure. Yet so much more the mysteries yet to come the humbling and healing that is the path before. As the Sun moves across the sky, for not a second does it pause.

Make sure, as you journey to pay attention, give focus, to the day before you and all it enchants you with. For tomorrow that detail might not be there. Natural is the process of change.

Footnote: And then as words flowed pure, captured thus.

Perhaps the most precious item searched for was presented. In any other place, I would never be.


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