The most perfect of perfect storms

The most perfect of perfect storms

I see blame in most aspects of life today.

Those controlling the New World Order are to blame. I can see their agenda all around me. See over there, their hand at play!

“The Jews are the root cause of our ills”, all our woes can be traced to them. “Those bloody Zionists”.

It’s ISIS, it’s terror, it was them, this group or that, they were my issue.

“Those corporations are raping our planet, stealing from you and me” Exxon Mobil this, Bayer that, Monsanto oh always, them for sure. Dow and DuPont, the list goes on. All these companies are our corruption. They are the problem, just look at their trading in deceit.

“Our politicians are stuffing it up”, “look at that idiot; see what he or she is doing now”. They are the real cause of our issues.

Our distractions being pumped at us all everywhere I look.

Seems that distractions delivered more, right into our pockets now days. Removed from our lounges and instead taken with us where ever we go. Yet distraction and a game of blame, it remains.

This storm just turns faster, more in our face and made more perfect, it seems, all the time.

In the future, some will fall away and others arrive. But the problem seem to remain “out there” when considered, this problem is.

Yet maybe little rays of sunshine might be the answer to the storm?

Those of you, and me, taking decision to act for ourselves.

Responsible for our own lives.

Taking time to “do the right thing” rather than being distracted enough to blindly continually look “out there” for where the problem lays.

Coming to that place, when you understand that for the world to be a better place, I have to be a better person. Where I own “Making a Difference” inside of myself in clarity, being sober with the decision made.

For even as this perfect storm rages all around, the choice to forget the “they and them” is oh so important.


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